Robertson Clinical Research Centre Facilities

RCRC is located within the state-of-the-art Carewell Private Hospital, allowing us to seamlessly integrate with the hospital's extensive facilities. This collaboration provides us access to:

  • Modern operating theatres

  • 25 hospital beds

  • Fully equipped emergency rooms

  • Multiple doctor's offices

  • Specialized treatment rooms

Our Dedicated Space

We feature a dedicated reception area with a comfortable waiting room and a private entrance to ensure a smooth and welcoming experience for our patients and visitors.

Additional On-Site Services

  • Worcester Radiology: Conveniently located within the hospital, offering advanced imaging services.

  • Pathcare Laboratories: Providing comprehensive laboratory services for accurate and timely results.

  • Alpha Care Pharmacies: Offering a full range of pharmaceutical services.

  • Ambulance Services: A permanent, on-site ambulance service with offices in the hospital, ensuring prompt emergency response.

Patient Care

Our team of doctors serves approximately 10,000 patients each month, delivering high-quality medical care to our community.

At RCRC, we are committed to providing exceptional clinical research and healthcare services, supported by the comprehensive resources of Carewell Private Hospital.


Private consultation rooms

Examination rooms designated for study visits and procedures

Treatment area and/or post-treatment observation area

Injection and/or infusion rooms

Synchronized clocks throughout the clinic, laboratory, and pharmacy


Blood pressure apparatus


ECG machine

Centrifuge [ PathCare ]

Fridges and freezers set at -20°C

Uninterrupted power supply or a backup generator

Emergency trolley readily available

Clinical trial services with cost efficient, accurate, professional outcomes for sponsors